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All files are in .Zip format and for Windows operating system


LED Name Tag Software(Please verify which version your badge requires):

LED Badge v9.18     OR      MiniLED Display v9.92


Programmable Fan Software:  Programmable LED Fan


Baofeng Programming Cable Driver: Baofeng Program Cable Win10 driver


Baofeng Programming Software (CHIRP): Link to CHIRP Website


Baofeng UV13 Software (may work on other makes/models): P15UV-CPS Software




The below files are used for installing Pi-Star on your Raspberry Pi Zero MMDVM Hotspot.


SDCardFormatterv5_WinEN  –  Used to format an SD card correctly

rufus-3.13 usb etcherUsed to create a bootable Pi-Star OS on an SD card

Download Pi-Star from the website. There are multiple versions listed so please be sure to download file beginning with: Pi-Star_RPi_

After installing Pi-Star you can download the below file and use the backup/restore option in the Pi-Star configuration page. Using this file to restore your Pi-Star install will automatically install the basic setup options.

Basic Config Pi-Zero MMDVM Restore File


Setting up a hotspot for DMR requires knowledge of programming radio codeplugs. Below is a starter codeplug for the MD380. It has a few Talkgroups programmed and will give you an idea of the programming setup required. This can most likely be imported to a different radio using the Contact Manager software.(A free download)

MD-380 hotspot starter codeplug: MD380 Hotspot Codeplug


Detailed instruction for assembly and setup of the Hotspot kit and Pre-Assembled Hotspot can be found on our Manuals & Documents page.


More files will be available soon.