73 Electronics offers a variety of ham radio and electronic accessories, parts and DIY kits at many New England hamfests. We sell affordable, fun and useful items that would make a great addition to any hamshack.


We offer products from Baofeng and Retevis, such as radios, antennas and microphones.


Looking to get into the VHF/UHF digital modes? Pick up one of our affordable MMDVM hotspots and access DMR, Fusion, D-Star and other digital modes any where you have WiFi. Don’t overpay at the retail outlets!


Need electronic and radio parts? We offer items such as connectors, adapters, coax sealing tape, fuse holders, cords, small LED’s, variable tuning capacitors, potentiometers, tweezers, and more.


Building is the heart of ham radio. 73 Electronics offers many affordable DIY kits that are easy and fun to build. They are a great way to introduce  kids, and adults, to the excitement of electronics and ham radio. Our DIY kits are perfect for group projects such as Scouts, schools, radio club meetings and many other events that relate to electronics.


Owned and operated by a licensed, active amateur radio operator, 73 Electronics hopes to see you at the hamfests!